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We mediate sophisticated High Class Escort Models

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

The High Class Escort offer from Vogue is aimed at adventurous men. We offer a refined selection of interesting ladies who appreciate the company of a stylish gentleman. Look forward to a crackling evening with an educated companion, who will make your head spin with charm and passion – whether for a romantic candle-light dinner, a weekend trip to an unknown city or a spontaneous tête-à-tête.

We act quickly and discreetly. If you have decided to invite a lady, the staff of the escort service Vogue will organize the contact to the High Class Escort Model within a few hours. We would be happy to provide you with ideas on what kind of activity the escort model would like to do on a first meeting. We are aware that your contact to our escort agency is strictly confidential – so we treat your data with the utmost technical discretion. Enter a fresh adventure with a special lady at your side.

What constitutes the Vogue Escort:

  • Several years of experience in the escort service business
  • Honest, friendly advice from authentic personalities
  • A focus on customer needs
  • We know the High Class Escort Models we are mediating personally and are in friendly contact with them
  • We guarantee the actuality of the escorts photographs published on our platform
  • It is a special concern to us that the mediated escort models offer their services at
    fair conditions

Contact to the escort agency: We are there for you!

We are available to you by phone, e-mail or SMS 365 days a year, from 11:00 am to 1:00 am, and we are pleased to handle your request discreetly, quickly and with the help of our expertise. The staff of our escort service will be happy to advise you and answer questions on the conditions, availability and preferences of the High Class Escort models we mediate. We believe that we can meet our modern corporate culture standards through open, honest and direct communication. Convince yourself of our escort agency!

Sparkling High Class Escort: Mysterious ladies in foreign cities

„A man’s goal is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Often, gentlemen are looking for the seductive company of a High Class Escort model when they are a guest in a foreign city. A new environment gives us new experiences: our escort service provides you with the right companion to explore the different facets of the earth together. We are pleased to provide you with escort models in the largest German-speaking cities. The ladies from the portfolio of our escort agency come from Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Vienna or Zurich – but you also have the opportunity to carry off one of the travel happy High Class Escort models into a city foreign to them.

Basically, the models mediated through our escort agency, are very open-minded about remote goals and foreign experiences. At the same time, you can also explore the home town of the High Class Escort lady and benefit from the local insider knowledge of your escort, so you do not waste any time and get directly to the scene clubs, sought-after gourmet restaurants and special places of the big city you are in. Your handsome guide takes you from your hotel room to the sights of the unknown surroundings and back.

This is how the High Class Escort models qualify for mediation via our escort service

We are aware that the High Class Escort models we provide via our escort service Vogue are directly associated with our service. To make sure that our escort agency Vogue stays in good remembrance, we list only Escort Models in our portfolio that have convinced us in a personal conversation with their lovely charm and esprit. It is important to us that the ladies have both feet on the ground – all High Class Escort models passed through Vogue are either (self-)employed or studying. This is the only way to make sure that the models represent equal partners to you.

Passion can be planned: What are you looking for?

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.” – Andre Gide

With lots of love and care we have put together our portfolio of ladies, which we would like to recommend to you for an escort date. We provide you with selected information on the website of our escort agency, which you can use to select a suitable High Class Escort lady for an adventure of your liking.

Each man has a personal ideal of a woman, which he adapts several times during his life span through accumulated experiences. These include exterior features such as hair color or stature, but at least as important are the character attributes, because these will determine how well you harmonize with the High Class Escort model. If you develop a mutual affection, the date mediated via our escort service becomes a passion-driven experience. So ask yourself:

  • Would you like to get to know a naughty, exciting lady or a sensitive, passionate High Class Escort lady?
  • Are you looking for the exotic or appreciate the known?
  • Are you a man who puts his surroundings under his spell through his words, or do you prefer adventure?

Find your playful opposite: orientate yourself on your ideal image of a woman, take into account your characteristics and paint the foreign city red like Bonnie and Clyde. The staff of our escort agency will be pleased to advise you personally on the telephone.

Escort-Ideas: What you could do with the mediated High Class Escort model in Germany

Often we are asked by prospective customers what they could do with the High Class Escort Model from our escort service. A getting-to-know does not always have to be during a shared meal in an upscale restaurant or a walk to a well-known sight. Germany offers many exciting attractions and places that you can experience – whether you are an adventurer, an art lover or just interested in the culture of the country.

In addition, our escort agency also provides High Class Escort ladies from Switzerland and Austria. Our service covers the entire German-speaking area – But you can, of course, also invite the escort models to travel into foreign countries. We would be happy to give you tips for planning your trip and are there to advise you as part of our escort service.

Escorts Dusseldorf

From the narrow streets, old churches and hip bars of the old town to the world-famous shopping mile of the capital, the Königsallee: Düsseldorf offers many places for a sophisticated acquaintance with the High Class Escort model of your choice. While the architectural cityscape is characterized by a mixture of tradition and modernity, you can get to know each other in the famous gourmet restaurant Chopelin zu Merguez over Lebanese couscous and pepper sauce or tarte flambée with chorizo, ratatouille and mozzarella. At the same time, you will get to know the city from the most beautiful perspective – with a view over the Rhine.

In Düsseldorf, you should enjoy the view from the famous Rhine Tower, which rises 240.5 meters in height. With an elevator you can drive up the 166 meters up to the open-air platform and take in the panoramic view of the area up to Cologne together with the High Class Escort model mediated by our escort service. From there you may also see the MedienHafen, which is very popular in the young Düsseldorf scene. Many companies from the media and creative industries are based here – and so it is not entirely coincident that the creative scene of the city meets here over a beer or some cocktails after the end of the work day.

Culture awaits you on a visit to Benrath Castle, which is located in the very south of the city: when you leave the railway station named after the castle, the extensive, idyllic park and the castle pond await you. In the baroque castle, you can visit three museums with the lady from our escort agency, about the architecture of the building, the natural history of the surrounding country and European gardening. The Neanderthal Museum is also an option for cultural enthusiasts. In the nearby town of Mettmann, the remains of the Neanderthal people, which were excavated in the region in 1865, are displayed. In a particularly vivid way, you will get to know a lot of information about the prehistoric and early history of mankind.

We would like to tell you what kind of locations, bars and places of interest you might like to introduce to your High Class Escort model. With the reputation as a “fashion capital”, it is no coincidence that some of the most beautiful escort models from our portfolio are living in Düsseldorf. But also far away from the glamorous luxury of the catwalks Düsseldorf has sights worth seeing.

Escorts Cologne

Romanesque churches, romantic rides with the cable car with a view over the cathedral panorama and the Picasso collection at the Museum Ludwig: Cologne Cathedral is undoubtedly the most notable attraction of the metropolis known as the town of carnival, but the jewel on the Rhine has much more to offer – especially when it comes to romance and passion. We would like to recommend to you a visit with your High Class Escort model from our escort service in the French gourmet restaurant “Le Moissonnier”, which has enjoyed a reputation as a Cologne institution for many years. With four courses and a choice of fine wines, you will get to know the beautiful Cologne lady.

The most popular viewpoint of the city is undoubtedly on top of the Cologne cathedral – but if you want to enjoy a scenic view of the city including the Cologne Cathedral, you should rather orientate yourself towards the roof terraces of the Cologne Triangle. Here you will find a completely glazed platform from which you can enjoy a unique all-round view of the cathedral and the Hohenzoller bridge. From May to September, you and your High Class Escort model have the opportunity to climb the roof terraces at 11 pm and experience a view of the city and the cathedral at night. The roof terraces are over 100 meters above the ground of the city. Plan B is the recourse to a ride with the Rheinseilbahn, a cable car which commutes between Cologne Zoo and the Rheinpark back and forth. Between March and November, visitors to Cologne have the opportunity to ferry across the one kilometer long route across the Rhine in an intimate gondola. This offers space to marvel and to get to know the High Class Escort model.

An interesting contrast to this is an underground city tour, where you are guided by trained experts through the former Palace of the Roman Age, an escape tunnel of a former Archbishop of Cologne and a Roman sewage canal. You will not get to these places when you explore the city on your own – so it is worthwhile for visitors with a strong historical interest to make use of such a guided tour. The lady, you have chosen from the portfolio of our escort service, might not have even been to the Cologne underground yet.

Also, the sights and attractions of the city of Cologne have been summarized by us in a separate article. Cologne’s culture has more to offer than the period of the carnival season – nevertheless, the so called fifth season is just the right thing to escape everyday life and get to know a disguised High Class Escort lady in an exciting environment.

Escorts Frankfurt

Frankfurt is famous for its skyline, the banking district and the bars in Sachsenhausen. With your High Class Escort model, you could stroll along the Museumsufer and visit exhibitions that make the heart of every art lover beat faster. In our portfolio you will surely find the right High Class Escort lady who shares your hobby and relax and share the beautiful sides of life with you after a hard day at work. Also, the upper part of the Old Town is an insider’s tip – the city was famous for the industrial area of the former Hoechst AG, but it is worth taking a trip to the Old Town with its historic half-timbered buildings.

The impressive view of the city and its unique skyline should be experienced with your model from the Vogue escort agency from the high reaching Main Tower: The skyscraper offers you two viewing platforms, which provide a great overview of all the main metropolitan areas and the region. Should you experience vertigo in high altitudes, however, we advise against visiting the Main Tower, because the lookout platforms are located at the great height of 198 meters.

Frankfurt’s nightlife is inviting, especially on the Mainufer: The more than 50,000 students of the University and the Frankfurt colleges are known for their wild parties. Among the young people, you can end a summer evening at the meadows of the Mainufer and get in touch with your High Class Escort model over a few cool drinks. As the evening progresses, the surrounding pubs and bars become more and more lively. However, if this is not informal enough, you can visit the district of Sachsenhausen or the Hanauer Landstrasse, where you can find the best clubs in the city. To colorful? As an alternative, Frankfurt also offers particularly quiet places such as the exotic Palmengarten, where you can escape from the frolicking masses of the 700,000 inhabitant metropolis and surely will find a quiet place for picnics and rest together with the High Class Escort model.

Afterward, a visit to the maritime Goldman Restaurant, where buttered oxen or Tuna tartar is served. The restaurant is as extravagant as the city – if this is not your taste, we have some more restaurants for the discerning palate and other cultural attractions of the big city in petto. In Frankfurt, you will get to know your High Class Escort model from the Vogue escort service in the surroundings of a bustling metropolis, and can enter the fray hand-in-hand!

Escorts Berlin

Berlin has a history: the West Berlin isolation and the subsequent fall of the Berlin Wall are in the historical memory of every German. But the history goes much further into the past – from the foundation of the German capital as the twin town of köln-Berlin and five hundred years of the Hohenzollerns to the industrial boom after the founding of the empire and the great destruction during the Second World War. How deep into the past you will go during your visit is up to you – the escort agency will be happy to provide you an appropriate, interesting escort.

If you visit Berlin in summer, you should pay a visit to the beach baths: in and around Berlin are many lakes, some of which invite you to bathe. Worth mentioning are Lake Tegel and Krumme Lanke. These lakes are both accessible by subway: Tegeler See is close to the subway station Alt-Tegel, the Krumme Lanke is located at the eponymous subway station. If you are visiting Berlin by car or are considering renting a car, you should pay a visit to the Wannsee: it is accessible via the A 115 or the S-Bahn (City train) lines 1 and 7. Your High Class Escort model will impress you with her beautiful, curvy figure while bathing – what could be more beautiful than the envious glances of other people? Our escort service can fulfill your dreams!

If you are looking forward to music and concerts, we would like to recommend you the Berlin Philharmonic. The unusual construction of the building attracts visitors not only by its exterior design, but also with the interior fittings which provide an exceptional sound quality. Here, at the center of Europe, many of the great masters of jazz or classical music perform. The imposing foyer with its Bauhaus walls and the colored windows made of glass, which always look different depending on the lighting conditions, will attune you for the subsequent sound revelation. The special feature of the concert hall of the Berlin Philharmonic is that the stage was placed in the middle of the concert hall – as the first philharmonic orchestra in the world, Berlin has set standards for the concept of concert halls and the concert halls in Tokyo, Kopenhagen and Sydney were modeled on the example from Berlin.

Apart from that, the city not only appeals with luxury, but also with its hip lifestyle: while vintage dressed hipster sip cocktails in Berlin-Mitte, the politicians prefer a Kölsch in a bar around the corner. Whatever you like, our escort agency has written down many recommendations for your visit to Berlin.

Escorts Munich

The Frauenkirche is the landmark of the Bavarian capital – yet it is only one of many sights. For example, the lively Viktualienmarkt entices you into a morning walk with your mediated High Class Escort model, the wonderful Nymphenburg Palace is a guarantee for romance and intimate togetherness. Or maybe you are a football fan? Then the Vogue escort service would like to recommend a visit to the Allianz Arena, the football stadium of the traditional club FC Bayern München, to you.

No less impressive is the Residenz, the largest city center castle in Germany. Moving from the Dienerstraße to the Max-Joseph-Platz, it is a breathtaking sight. See the mighty facade of the castle in the middle of the city for the first time. With your High Class Escort model, you can explore different epoch styles from the more than 600-year long history of the castle. During its lifetime the residence was extended and rebuilt several times – not a decade went by without a change to the inner city castle. The walk through the castle gives you insight into aristocratic living cultures of past times.

Outside the residence, the Odeonsplatz awaits you: the late-baroque Theatinerkirche in an Italian style, a loggia, which was inspired by the style of Florence and the oldest cafe in the Bavarian capital. This is the pure “la dolce vita”, located in the pedestrian zone and the boulevard Ludwigstraße. Our escort service would also like to introduce you to the Hofgarten at the east end of the Odeonsplatz, which is lined by the Hofgartentor – the first building of the famous architect Leo von Klenze from Munich. At the center of the Hofgarten grounds is the Dianatempel, which recalls the times of the Renaissance. A bit of French culture lies in the air when boule players swing their silver balls and think about their next move.

After so much sightseeing, you have earned a little refreshment: the Esszimmer am Olympiapark attracts with delightful courses and dishes such as mussels with fennel, parsley root and miso or duck from Challans with apricot, lavender and stone mushrooms. Not your case? Then the Vogue escort agency would gladly inform you about other restaurants in Munich.

Escorts Vienna

Vienna is extremely versatile: From the baroque splendor buildings to the latest architecture, the Austrian state capital offers its visitors a lot of impressions. The Habsburg Monarchy has inherited the magnificent Baroque castles of Schönbrunn and Belvedere, while Vienna’s Ringstrasse is one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world. The Vogue escort service has put together less well-known points of interest in an article about Vienna in addition to the famous attractions such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral or the Danube Tower.

In the case of former royal residence of the Habsburg monarchy, a visit to the Hofburg and the Spanische Hofreitschule (Spanish riding school of the court) is worthwhile. Connected to the castle are fortified stables which are the seat of the aforementioned Hofreitschule. In the Hofburg you will find various museums, the Augustinian Church and a large part of the Austrian National Library. Today, the Hofburg serves as the seat of the Federal President. The castle and the zoological garden of Schönbrunn are just as pompous: At the former summer residence of the Habsburgs, here you and your escort model from our escort agency will find an imposing yellow building, surrounded by a park of 160 hectares. A part of the castle park is the oldest, still preserved zoo in the world – the Schönbrunn Zoo, which is open all year round.

The Vienna State Opera, on the other hand, is situated on the Ring and is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. The most famous festival hall in the country entices with classical and modern performances throughout the year, with a break from July to August. Among them are some international premieres during which you can approach your High Class Escort model in a stylish way and appropriately initiate a passionate evening. The impressive architecture of the opera, which regularly attracts renowned photographers from all over the world to the Austrian capital, will make a lasting impression.

A guarantee for a successful date with your High Class Escort model is also the toque restaurants in the city center. For example, the restaurant at the Palais Coburg is distinguished by four toques – i.e. 19 Gault Millau points. 2 stars were awarded from the Michelin guide, 98 points in the Falstaff guide. Here, dishes like turbot and truffles with celery and parsley or Silver Hill duck with leeks, red cabbage and cranberry. Show style!

Escorts in Zurich

In the Frauenmünsterkirche, you can visit the Chagall windows, where the artist has immortalized various scenes of the Bible – and after that enjoy a schnitzel at the nearby Kronenhalle restaurant, while you and the High Class Escort model enjoy the original Chagall paintings or the menu, which was also designed by Chagall. Alternatively, it is possible to stroll along the Bahnhofstraße or to climb up to the top of the Uetliberg. The right, sporty High Class Escort lady to accompany you can be found in the portfolio of our escort service!

Zürich also seeks to be the most important scientific location in Switzerland: Why not experience the rich history of the country and visit the Landesmuseum Zürich with your High Class Escort model? It belongs to the federation of prestigious museums “Swiss National Museums”, including the Swiss History Forum Schwyz, the Château de Prangins and the Affoltern am Albis Collection Center. Not only is the castle-like building of the museum pompous, but also the collections from the cultural history of the city and the rest of the country make an impression. Several times a year, the Zürich Regional Museum also presents special exhibitions.

Just as imposing is the landmark of Zurich, the Grossmünster with its characteristic double towers. The city’s landmark was built in Romanesque style in 1100. However, evidence shows that a church must have stood in the same place in the eighth century. The building was complemented by the erection of the bell towers in 1787. Those who stand in front of the church will notice that the design is surprisingly modest – yet the facade appears impressive and sublime thanks to the massive stone structure. Until the Reformation the Grossmünster was counted as part of a chancery and was at the same time a parish church.

For more hints, ideas and attractions, consult the article from our escort service for an escort date in Zurich. Let us inspire you for a visit to the city and the surrounding region around the Lake of Zurich – our escort agency brings the most beautiful sides of Zurich closer to you.

Escort Germany and Escort Service in Germany: choose the best

Germany is one of the most fascinating sightseeing destinations in the world. From historic monuments and breathtaking architecture to natural attractions, imposing landscapes and huge parks, the country offers its visitors a lot of cultural entertainment. If you are traveling through the home of Escort Germany, you can visit many places of interest – preferably with a nice companion at your side, like one of the High Class Escort models we from the Vogue escort service offer.

Do you already know the Dresden Zwinger, for example? The most famous building in Dresden is not only an architecturally highly valuable building, but also houses the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister (Painting gallery of the old masters) and many other renowned art collections. The Dresden Zwinger was originally built as a place for the fine court society and was still located on the outskirts of the city inside a fortified area named Zwinger. The most famous painting in the Zwinger is the Sistine Madonna of Raphael. In addition to the art gallery, there are other museums, such as the zoological museum, the Mathematical-Physical Salon or the Porcelain Collection.

The former imperial city of Wetzlar is also one of Germany’s outstanding attractions. Located in the middle of the valley of the river Lahn, on a hillside, the old town is full of historical sights. You will feel romance in the air as soon as you and your High Class Escort model enter the city center and get a view of the “Alte Lahnbrücke”, which was built over 700 years ago. This popular photo motif is located right on the way to Wetzlarer Dom, one of the most unusual church buildings of the Middle Ages. The former Romanesque church was supposed to be converted into a Gothic cathedral, but the construction work was never completed. What remains is a remarkable potpourri of the epochs.

The Porta Nigra in Trier is also in a similar category: the Roman city gate, built around 180 AD, is one of the most frequently visited and most completely preserved monument of the ancient world in Germany. The city of Trier offers adventure shows at the Porta Nigra, where a Roman centurion transports the visitors into the times of ancient power struggles and intrigues. This will ensure an exciting date with the High Class Escort model from the Vogue escort agency. Further sights outside of the well-known cities of Germany have been compiled for you by our escort service in a separate contribution.

Escort Switzerland

Switzerland is versatile: In addition to the numerous lakes and ski resorts and its over 4,000 meters high mountain peaks, there are also many cultural cities that are suitable for a short-term date with a High Class Escort Switzerland model and give you the opportunity to enrich your business trip in an interesting way.

The old town of Bern has, for example, been recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage: over six kilometers of arcades, where you and your passionate High Class Escort companion can find protection from wind and weather. The old town is characterized by monumental sights such as the cloister tower, the cathedral, the Renaissance fountains or the Zeitglockenturm, also known as “Zytglogge”. Since Bern was built on a peninsula, you can reach all these attractions on foot, by bus or by subway within the blink of an eye.

The majestic Matterhorn, on the other hand, is more suitable for winter sports enthusiasts and adventurers. The pyramid-shaped giant mountain is not only a symbol for Switzerland, but now also well-developed for access by means of packet tours and guided ascensions. With an open minded, sporty High Class Escort model at your side, you could venture the ascent to which no one else had the guts to go to – and experience adventure on the rough rock massif. In the solitude of the mountains, you can approach your escort model without any hassle and explore similarities.

On the shores of Lake Geneva lies the Château de Chillon. Built on a rocky island, the castle is one of the most visited historic buildings in the Swiss countryside and was for more than four centuries the residence of the Counts of Savoy. A little further along Lake Geneva you will reach Vevey, where Charlie Chaplin lived and also died. Our escort agency has many other tips for your visit in beautiful Switzerland in the review about escorts in Switzerland.

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