Meanwhile, the tuning professionals of Mercedes-AMG have worked together with the well-known team for racing boats “Cigarette Racing” for ten years. Just in time for the anniversary of the cooperation, the highspeed experts present the latest result of the cooperation: the racing boat “2017 50 ‘Marauder AMG” – which high class escort model from Cologne could already say “No” to a splash tour with such a vehicle?

The seats of the AMG boat, which imitate the familiar design of the Mercedes sports seats, are eye-catching. Our escort service from Cologne poses the question: On the water as in the countryside the same adrenaline-laden experience?

Toxic paint – daring or sporty?

We asked in our escort agency based in Cologne and came to the conclusion: We find the gift-green lacquer of the model is great! Already in the sports car “Mercedes-AMG GT R” the Alfalterbachers set the tone, which should remind the legendary “Nordschleife” of the Nürburgring.

Easy and fast

Not only in sports cars, Mercedes relies on lightweight materials: many components have also been used in the sport boat. Designers attach great importance to a light construction. This is, for example, converted by the shading of carbon fibers, which primarily dominate the torque of the motor (more than 1,700 Newton-meters).

Full power ahead with 3,100 horse stables

Two Mercury Racing engines achieve top ratings of 2,280 kilowatts – 3,100 hp. You can adjust the performance of the engine by means of an electrical switch – or you can teach the passionate high class escort model, which our agency from Cologne, how to drive the top device. This way, you can get closer and play in an erotic adventure!

Also impressive: if the engine is only in the “Pleasure” mode, the engine consumes only 91 octane – but can still accelerate to 1,350 hp.

Now, unfortunately, we have to disappoint you: so simply you do not come into the possession of the sports boat to impress the escorts we have provided. Unfortunately it is a single piece.