Sporty cars impress not only the High Class Escort Düsseldorf Models, which our escort agency provides: Car owners and followers of the Meredes-Benz brand are very likely to feverishly present the presentation of the new design language for the automobile series. It is a bad news for this group that the full design is only to be disclosed in the course of the Frankfurt IAA in September. However, Daimler is gradually providing information on the forms and contours of the new formal language, which we present to the readers of the VIP escort blog of our escort agency Düsseldorf up to the moment.

Daimler already showed a silhouette in Stuttgart. However, there was not one of the model variants of the compact series to be seen, but only a model of realistic size, which indicates that the A-Class sedan soon complemented the CLA in the offer of the automobile giant. In the second generation of the series, there will soon be eight models, some of our high-class escort Dusseldorf models from the Detroit engine show, where Mercedes announced further information.

The escort service staff of our escort service Dusseldorf, who would like to introduce you to VIP escorts for the visit of any car, could well imagine that it is a second SUV and a long version of the A-Class sedan. The latter would have good cards, especially in the Chinese market.

“It is our task to reinvent ourselves”

Chef designer Gordon Wagener said during the presentation of the first information about the new design, it would be “a very sporty, aggressive car” with the model presented in Stuttgart. The location in which the car was presented was darkened, so that only the contours of the car were recognizable.

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